Support Your School is the leading school based bulk buying and fundraising program.

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Saving Schools money

Bulk Buying / Best possible prices:

With over 1500 schools registered, Support Your School helps schools save on a school’s main purchases such as textbooks and stationery by harnessing the bulk buying power of thousands of schools countrywide.

Currently schools purchase from suppliers individually and are therefore not benefitting from the bulk buying discounts that Support Your School can negotiate.

We source you three quotes                                         

Support Your School can also assist schools with the time consuming process of sourcing multiple quotes from suppliers where a school requires more than one quote. You can send us your requirements and we will source the required quotes at a greatly reduced price from our chosen reputable suppliers.

We bring you trusted suppliers                                           

Due to the way Support Your School is not tied into any one supplier, you are guaranteed to get the best value for money from guaranteed reputable suppliers.

Click here to download a procurement brochure and registration form



Schools benefit further by receiving fundraising by the supply of Corporate Boards and Playground/Parking Shade Nets. A percentage of the advertising revenue generated from these Boards and Shades will be donated to your school as part of our fund raising initiative.

Please reply to us at info@supportyourschool.co.za with your requirements or alternatively just mail your requirements to quotes@supportyourschool.co.za and we will source your required three quotes